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How-to: Enable “retro” tabbed outlines in Word 2007

As someone who splits his time between an older XP laptop and a newer Vista (x64) desktop, I’ve generally grown accustom to the slight changes in how each machine operates. However, moving between Word 2003 and Word 2007 is a whole other story.
Take creating a simple “tabbed” outline (a.k.a. a multilevel list), for example. …

Vista’s Snipping Tool takes PrtScn to the next level

Having just recently converted to Windows Vista (Home Premium 64-bit; it came pre-installed on my new computer), I’m still trying to (stay positive and) learn about all of its new features (if you’re looking for a Vista h8 post, you’ve come to the wrong place).
One of the best tools (also available in Windows 7) …

Boilr’s Favorite Free Apps Guide 2008

With ~2 weeks left in the year and Chrismahanukwanzakah just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to revisit my favorite freeware of 2008.  If you are planning to give and/or receive a new computer* this holiday season, save yourself (and/or your loved ones) some hard-earned dough by switching to these highly capable, (paid for-alternative) …

Minimize Firefox’s screen footprint

Optimize Firefox’s browsing screen-space with Fireline – a (self-named) cocktail of experimental FF ext. Hide Caption, add-on Tiny Menu, and a few other tweaks.
The resulting FF window is incredibly streamlined with a single,  multi-faceted toolbar on top (see above).  With or without the bookmarks toolbar and/or bottom status bar open, Fireline creates more room for …

Convincing and constructive procrastination

Read at Work – this great site mimics a Win XP desktop complete with functioning clock, network icon, and a variety of literary works disguised as PowerPoint presentations stashed in folders.
You have to see this for yourself!

7th time’s a charm!

It’s hard not to compare Microsoft’s latest (and not so greatest) OS – Vista – with its millennial cousin, Windows ME. But perhaps, this isn’t as bad as it seems?!
In the same way that ME was to revolutionize Win 98, Vista was supposed to take XP to the next level. However, after what …

Getting in sync

After years of living in what seemed like 2 distinct worlds (desktop v. laptop), I finally realized the need and benefits of syncing info across my machines.
Although there are numerous solutions out there, I took advice from one of my more pro-Windows friends (WE) and tried Microsoft’s own free app – SyncToy (obviously, Win-only).
A straight-forward …

Back from the dead

Here we are, some 40 hours since my desktop decided to stop working (well, since Windoz decided to stop booting, except no BSoD). I know what all the Apple and Linux fanboys/girls are thinking – time to switch!
Not so fast.
Having reinstalled various versions of Windows in the past, I decided to do a …

The power of the Dark Side

Every once in a while, I get rather frustrated with M$’s lack of style and GUI options (usually after watching friends play on their macs or linux machines). After doing a little research on the “interwebs,” I came across a rather simple, but somewhat dramatic alteration for Windows XP users.
Have you ever said to yourself, …