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Quasi-Review: HP Pavilion dm4t “Entertainment” laptop

I’ve been in the market for a new laptop (PC) for a little while now. Having long grown out of my need to be on the bleeding edge of gadgetry, especially considering that I spend most of my computing time at home on my desktop and smartphone, I was still searching for an attractive, well-made, …

Review: Dell Studio XPS 435MT with Windows 7 Professional

Now that I’ve upgraded my Studio XPS 435MT from Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Professional, I felt like I should post an update to my original review of the Studio XPS desktop. After a couple of weeks of use, I am happy to report that the system runs quicker and seemingly quieter than ever.

Ninite’s multiple app installer makes new PC setup a breeze

Over the weekend I took the plunge and installed Windows 7 Professional on my Studio XPS. Starting with a brand new hard drive and a Windows 7 installation DVD made for a surprisingly pleasant upgrade experience. The whole ordeal (installing both the new drive and Windows 7) took less than an hour, an unbelievable improvement …

PoddoX: The easy way to extract music from your iPod

There are plenty of reasons why you might want/need to extract music files from your trusty iPod. Maybe your computer crashed, taking your entire precious digital music collection with it beyond the blue screen of death. Whatever the reason, you can’t accomplish the “reverse add,” i.e. extract, via iTunes.
Luckily, there are a variety of freeware …

When it comes to .iso, ImgBurn is the way to go

Windows-only: Freeware ImgBurn is an extremely straight forward and lightweight solution for burning and creating disk images (.iso files). It can also burn various types of CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.
An ISO image (.iso in Windows, .cdr in OSX) is an uncompressed archive file of an optical disc. Generally, this type of file …

Make some room

Deleting unnecessary duplicate files is a simple way to free up space on your hard drive(s). Freeware app – Duplicate Cleaner (Win) – makes finding and removing extraneous copies easy and straight forward.
Point to any directory > specify file matching criteria > use ‘Selection Assistant’ to choose desired files to erase.
Done and done.

7th time’s a charm!

It’s hard not to compare Microsoft’s latest (and not so greatest) OS – Vista – with its millennial cousin, Windows ME. But perhaps, this isn’t as bad as it seems?!
In the same way that ME was to revolutionize Win 98, Vista was supposed to take XP to the next level. However, after what …

Back from the dead

Here we are, some 40 hours since my desktop decided to stop working (well, since Windoz decided to stop booting, except no BSoD). I know what all the Apple and Linux fanboys/girls are thinking – time to switch!
Not so fast.
Having reinstalled various versions of Windows in the past, I decided to do a …

South Park Operating Systems

(via Compiler)

Less printing = more trees, more $$

I just stumbled across GreenPrint. The company aims to reduce the amount of wasted paper and ink by allowing users (currently Windows only) to send each print job through its GreenPrint World software.

The standalone program was recently released as freeware for home (non-commercial) users. After a quick installation, GreenPrint will appear as one …