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New Super Mario Bros. Wii offers perfect mix of old and new

Whether you are a member of the Nintendo Generation or simply love timeless video games, the New Super Mario Bros. Wii does not disappoint.
This new take on an old classic is a fabulous mash-up of many of the best and most nostalgic elements of Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, and 3 with some new, …

These ARE the Wii accessories you are looking for

Looking for an excuse to add more (Star Wars) accessories to your Wii arsenal? Than you’ll be happy to hear that the Darth Vader Nintendo Wii Sensor Bar Holder (above), Light-Up Lightsabers for Nintendo Wii Dueling 2-Pack (below), and Clone Trooper Blaster for Nintendo Wii (below) are now all available for pre-order, each for the …

BREAKING: Nintendo unexpectedly launches Wii HD!

In light of the fact that the Wii supply chain has finally caught up with demand some 2.5 years after it was first launched, Nintendo has decided that now is as good a time as any to take the wraps off its next-gen console – Wii HD!
Not only will this be the first high definition …

Wiiview: Enjoy an endless winter with Shaun White Snowboarding

Call up your fav bro-brahs and stock up on some Code Red Mountain Dew cause you’ve got some serious riding to do!
Uh…just kidding. But seriously, Shaun White Snowboarding for Wii is actually really fun. As usual with Wii games don’t expect much by way of the graphics, but in terms of playability, novelty, and …

Allez Cuisine! Iron Chef coming to the Wii

Today’s secret ingredient is….WHAT?!?!  Didn’t see this one coming – Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine is being released for Nintendo Wii (and DS). Trailer after the break…

Mario Kart Wii: The legend continues

Mario Kart Wii is finally here! This latest update to the classic fan-favorite combines Mario Kart’s timeless gameplay with new tracks, vehicles, and features.
Most notably, players can now race online – competing against friends or random people around the world. Once you connect via Nintendo WFC, players see a real-time view of a …

BBC embraces the Wii

The BBC’s iPlayer VoD service will soon be available as a Wii Channel. An early version of the service is expected to go live today and will only be available in the UK to licence-fee payers (initially through the Wii Internet Channel).
I was excited to see this news, but definitely disappointed that it is …

A Long Time Ago in a (LEGO) Galaxy Far, Far Away…

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I am the epitome of the casual gamer. Over the span of my 27 years I have only owned 3 (in-home) systems: NES, N64, and now …

The family resemblance is striking

No matter how much I love the Wii, the original NES will always have a special place in my <3. Needless to say, I got a little excited after stumbling across these nostalgic ($15) Wii Skins from DecalGirl (above: original NES | below: retro Revolution).

Fresh powder 365 days a year!

The upcoming release of We Ski and the Wii Balance Board looks quite promising, especially for those of us whose knees (and wallets) can’t handle real slopes any more.