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WD TV: Using the menu-based MKV chapter navigation

One of my biggest complaints with the WD TV since its inception has been the lack of support for MKV chapters. If you are unfamiliar with MKV, it is “an open standard free container format, a file format that can hold an unlimited number of video, audio, picture or subtitle tracks inside a single file.”WP …


WD TV: Pre-release 1.03.01 firmware now available

That’s right, folks. 1.03.01 has hit the web, er WD’s official pre-release site. The new beta firmware includes the following fixes/additions/updates:
Prerelease 1.03.01 (includes all previously released updates)
Resolved Issues:
* Resolved the language displayed as OFF when English was selected
* Resolved the “Contains” button displayed as “ContainsWWW” in …


WD TV: Pre-release 1.02.11 firmware now available

Update: WD has released 1.03.01
Western Digital has released its newest WD TV pre-release firmware – 1.02.11 – which includes the following fixes/additions/updates:
Prerelease 1.02.11 (includes all previously released updates)
Resolved Issues:
* Resolved issue where UI Language displayed as OFF when English is selected.
* Resolved UI issue where “ContainsWWW” shows …


WD TV Feedback Site: Suggest / vote on new features

Western Digital finally responded to an email I had sent a few weeks back re: an official WD TV forum, pointing me (and my fellow WD TV owners) to its official feedback site.
There are a few intriguing things about this UserVoice powered forum: 1. WD is showing that it is actually interested in what the …

WD TV: Pre-release 1.02.10 firmware now available

Western Digital has made available its latest WD TV pre-release firmware – 1.02.10 – which includes the following fixes/additions/updates:
Prerelease 1.02.10 (includes all previously released updates)
Fixed Items:
* Greek subtitles now render properly. Previously they rendered slowly, causing them to briefly flash on the screen.
* Korean subtitles now render …

WD TV: Pre-release 1.02.08 firmware now available

I can’t stress enough just how refreshing it is to see Western Digital continue to improve the already solid WD TV hardware through (fairly) regular firmware updates – highly commendable. The latest release pre-release – 1.02.08 – includes the following:
Prerelease 1.02.08 (includes all previously released updates)
* Enhanced cover art, album art, …

WD TV + Boxee = A match made in media heaven?!

Update: Looks like the dream is over 🙁 …A Boxee employee has already shot this idea down due to “inadequate processing power” (i.e. the hardware ain’t good enough).
Until Western Digital adds native USB WiFi adapter support to the WD TV (like some haxors have already figured out how to accomplish), this is really just a …

WD TV: Is Western Digital allowing homebrew?

Sure looks like it! I stumbled across the (downloadable) source code for the WD TV on, none other than, WD’s own website.
The zipped file contains the source code for third party copyrighted software licensed under the GNU General Public License (“GPL”), which software may be used in WD TV™ Media Player.
This implies that so …

WD TV: Video “thumbs” rock, still needs VOB support

As promised, here is a quick review re: the best new and improved features in the latest (1.02.07) WD TV HD Media Player firmware update.
First and foremost, the addition of video thumbnails really takes the WD TV to the next level. The whole (or at least the main) point of digital video is convenience, so …

WD TV: New 1.02.07 firmware update released

Update 2: Take the “new feature request” poll
Update: Review of new features is up!

Attention WD TV owners: Western Digital has (finally!) released a new firmware update – 1.02.07 – for its WD TV HD Media Player.
1.02.07 includes a number of major (highly anticipated and requested) feature enhancements/fixes:

Enhanced cover art, album art, and thumbnail support …