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A Final Farewell: W gets the boot, literally

[flv:http://www.boilr.net/wp-content/video/bushboot.flv http://www.boilr.net/wp-content/video/bootw.jpg 600 337]

This past Sunday, 2 days before Obama’s Inauguration, the Washington DC Metro area was full of jubilant visitors from around the globe.  On our way downtown, we stumbled upon this hilarious “tribute” to W – a fitting final farewell to one of the least popular presidents in US history.

Letterman’s Farewell Tribute to Great Moments in Presidential Speeches

Yes You Can: Become an icon @ Obamicon.Me


First came SimpsonizeMe – a webapp which enabled visitors to transform themselves into residents of Springfield (while shamelessly promoting BK and the then new the Simpsons Movie).

Now, just in time for the 2009 Inauguration, comes Obamicon.Me – a great way to celebrate our incoming 44th President – Barack Hussein Obama, Esq. – by turning yourself, …

Coming to the end of an era error

George W. Bush gave his final (scheduled) press conference as POTUS earlier today. Sadly, this marks the end of Bush’s 2 terms Bushisms (until his upcoming book) as we know them 😥 .

One thing’s for sure…no one will misunderestimate W ever again.

Mission Accomplished: Celebrating 8 years of incredible Bushisms

With less than 10 days left of W’s presidency, there’s never been a better time to celebrate our 43rd President’s unique mastery of the English language.

Since the end of last year, a variety of news outlets have started to collect/publish their favorite Bushisms from the past 8 (seemingly never-ending) years.  Instead of regurgitating them …

W: That’s what happens in free societies

Quite possibly the best moves Bush has made in eight years!