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The Cloud Command Center expands

SMS might have been delayed, but that didn’t stop Google from launching Gmail voice and video chat today.
Since Gmail’s inception 4+ yrs ago, Google has been pretty slow in bringing new functionality to its webmail…until recently.  Over the past several weeks however, Gmail has transformed into a versatile communications platform, centralizing the ability to interact …

Ooma Gawd!

What would you say if I told you that you could pay a one time fee of $399 and never have to pay for domestic phone service (from your home) again? You might respond, (in true Chris Farley fashion) Oh my god!
Well friends, it looks like that day is upon us. A “new” Silicon …

Good Times, Bad Times

T-Mobile has just rolled out a new service: HotSpot @Home. This service allows their customers’ cellphones to automatically switch from the T-Mobile cellular network onto their specially configured home wi-fi network seamlessly.
What’s the big deal you ask? Well for one thing, once you have jumped onto your (or any other authorized) wi-fi network, the …