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How-to: Enable “retro” tabbed outlines in Word 2007

As someone who splits his time between an older XP laptop and a newer Vista (x64) desktop, I’ve generally grown accustom to the slight changes in how each machine operates. However, moving between Word 2003 and Word 2007 is a whole other story.
Take creating a simple “tabbed” outline (a.k.a. a multilevel list), for example. …

Vista’s Snipping Tool takes PrtScn to the next level

Having just recently converted to Windows Vista (Home Premium 64-bit; it came pre-installed on my new computer), I’m still trying to (stay positive and) learn about all of its new features (if you’re looking for a Vista h8 post, you’ve come to the wrong place).
One of the best tools (also available in Windows 7) …

Review: Dell Studio XPS 435MT gets the job done

Update: I’ve posted a new review of the Dell Studio XPS 435MT running Windows 7 Professional. For a review of the actual machine itself, please continue reading below.
Update: BIOS 1.1.2 (which greatly reduces fan noise) is now available.

After using my new Dell

Back to the Future: Upgrading to a Dell Studio XPS

It’s 2009, which means my trusty Dell Dimension 8300 desktop is now well over 5 years old (putting it somewhere along the lines of 70 in terms of computer years – think dog years times 2). As such, I’ve recently decided it was time to upgrade.
Without further ado, it’s time to introduce my new …