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Review: 60″ Vizio M-Series Razor LED Smart TV with Theater 3D

With my 47″ flat panel starting to show its age (it’s 5+ years old, and having just moved into a bigger place, I set out to find an attractive, moderately priced 60+” LCD HDTV during the 2013 holiday shopping season.
After a quick trip to Costco (my preferred retailer for expensive electronics due to their flexible …


PSA: Comcast goes wild, adds 47 NEW HD channels in SF

Attention San Francisco Comcast customers: Your favorite cable TV provider has just (well, yesterday if you want to be picky) flipped the switch on 75 new channels, including a whopping 47 NEW HD channels! Apparently the new plethora of high definition (and that other thing – standard def) channels is a result of the recent …

Promising New TV: FlashForward and Bored to Death

ABC’s FlashForward is pretty captivating, maybe not life-altering, but definitely got my attention last week. Think LOST meets Heroes meets Memento. Maybe I am just trying to compensate (for my future TV watching), knowing that the final season of LOST is just a few months out, but I definitely recommend giving FlashForward a go. Let’s …

PSA: Curb Your Enthusiasm returns TONIGHT!

Season 7 of HBO’s hit comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, returns to the cableways tonight! After much speculation that the season 6 finale in which Larry David becomes involved with Vivica Fox’s character would be the series’ last episode, the entire motley crew is back for another hilarious go. What the f*%^ Larry?!

Clean your LCD HDTV with Anti-Static Monitor Wipes

Call me crazy, but if you’re gonna spend over $1K on a LCD HDTV, you should probably take care of your new toy once you get it home (and, into the future). Part of that care-taking includes keeping the sensitive LCD panel as clean as possible (I mean, what’s the point of high definition viewing …

Oldie, but goodie: The evolution of Homer Simpson

Coming soon: “Sit Down, Shut Up” rooted in Arrested Development DNA

Fox’s upcoming animated comedy – Sit Down, Shut Up – is the byproduct of a joint effort between Mitch Hurwitz (creator of “Arrested Development”) and Eric & Kim Tannenbaum (“Two and a Half Men”).
The latest addition to Fox’s Sunday Animation Domination lineup “focuses on the lives of staff members at a high …

iApps: Comcast TV Listings app surprisingly Comcastic, disappointing

Dear Comcast,
As a loyal customer for the last 10 years (god, don’t ask me how or why), I’ve learned to become complacent with regards to your seemingly never ending service and support let downs. While I occasionally get a kick out of your ads (“Everyone loves Money”), I certainly never get a kick out of …

Agent Zero helps Wiz take down league-leading Cavs

Third time’s a charm: Tiger completes impressive comeback for first win of 2009