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Thom Yorke / Atoms For Peace / Fox Theater / April 15, 2010

/ Atoms For Peace – Thom Yorke / Flea / Nigel Godrich / Mauro Refosco / Joey Waronker /[flv:http://boilr.net/wp-content/video/AFP-TheClock.flv http://boilr.net/wp-content/video/afptheclock.jpg 620 349]

When Thom Yorke announced that he was going to tour his solo album – The Eraser – with the same supergroup he had assembled in October 2009, I jumped at the chance to grab …

Musical Schmorgesborg: New Phish, Muse, Thom Yorke

“When it rains, it pours,” quipped some smart guy a long while back. It seems the same holds true for the music I enjoy. Starting last Tuesday (Sept. 8 ) and ending Sept. 21, three artists that I generally enjoy have/are releasing new material.

Phish released its first studio album – Joy – in over five …