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Cartman learns the truth about the real Family Guy writers

Not sure how I missed / didn’t hear about this episode (part two of a two part series) when it first aired back in April 2009, but it’s a priceless jab by the South Park guys at the Family Guy folks.
“Danny Pocket” (aka Eric Cartman). Manatees. Idea Balls. Done and done.

South Park celebrates the election

About Last Night… captures the true spirit of the 2008 Presidential Election. What better place to turn to, but America’s favorite small town to get a real sense of what Obama’s historic victory means to people across the country.

Great Moments in IPTV

Perhaps the most exciting IPTV news since the launch of South Park Studios, NBC/News Corp. video joint venture site – Hulu – is now offering full length on-demand (480p) streams of The Daily Show and Colbert Report!
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The World Without Web

One of the best and most on-point South Park episodes in years –
“Over Logging” is an instant classic!

South Park Operating Systems

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