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Here Comes the Sun

Toyota recently announced that it will be adding solar equipment to its next-gen Prius (as well as reducing the vehicles weight to improve mpg).  The solar panels installed on the roof will aid in powering the hybrid‘s air-conditioning system, of all things.
Now that’s just funny.
(via MarketWatch)

Free solar power estimates online

Own (or plan to buy) a home in California? Curious how much a solar energy system would be? Head on over to Sungevity, enter your home address, and within 24 hours you will receive an estimate customized for your home.

Through a combination of technologies, Sungevity is able to remotely and accurately determine the potential effectiveness …

Lets get this (solar) party started!

California is one of, if not the most, environmentally progressive states in the Union. This is not about politics (well, at least this post isn’t), but more about being realistic and taking steps to help slow down (and eventually eliminate) the global warming problem.
A privately held, SF-based company, Cleantech America, is funding a new project …