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Want some fresh cracked R2-Pepper on that salad?

Good ol’ Japan – home to many of the world’s preeminent digital technologies…and this officially licensed R2-D2 peppermill.
According to the product page:
[W]e’ve managed to pilfer a few hundred R2-D2 pepper mills from eateries all over Tatooine for your spice grinding pleasure. Simply twist R2’s head and he deposits pepper onto your food. Hey, it’s …

Add a little more Star Wars to your diet…

Pardon me droid, can you please pass a piece of that delectable Darth Vader toast over this way? Oh, and how about sending the R2-D2 soy sauce while you’re at it?
Until Lucas gets his act together and opens a real Mos Eisley Cantina, these novel Star Wars kitchen gadgets are all we’ve got.

USB hubs from a galaxy far, far away….

While searching for a possible new USB hub, I stumbled across these novelties from ThinkGeek:Darth Vader USB Hub | R2-D2 USB Hub.
As a lifelong fan of Star Wars (and clearly a geek myself; have you read Boilr before?) I couldn’t help myself from posting these hubs, even though they each respectively cost more than a …

This is the Droidel you’re looking for

BoingBoing has unearthed a 2yr old post from StarWars.com providing instructions (and printable PDF) for making your own Droidel (R2-D2 dreidel), a Druish boy’s dream come true!
Everyone else can enjoy making a TIE fighter holiday ornament.

Throw your trash away in (SW) style!

What was that? You’re in the market for an over-priced “Japan-only Fully Licensed Star Wars Collectible Office Sized” trash can?
ThinkGeek has you covered! For only $99.99, you can be the proud owner of this R2-D2 replica waste bin.
But don’t take my word…
“Excuse me sir, but that R2-D2 is in prime condition, a real …