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Teaser: Pixar’s Toy Story 3 coming June 18, 2010

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Movie Review: (Disney) Pixar’s Up (in 3-D)

I’ve been a huge Pixar fan every since Toy Story hit the big screen back in 1995. Having seen 7 out of the previous 9 movies in the theater (missed A Bug’s Life and Cars – watched ’em on DVD), I was not about to miss out on the animation studio’s latest flick – Up. …


Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class

(Disney) Pixar’s WALL-E is another success in what has become quite a long line of winning animated feature films.

WALL-E is both visually (can’t go wrong with Pixar animation) and mentally (humans v. humans; humans v. robots; robots v. robots) stimulating.

This timely (see global warming) movie combines robots, space travel, human indulgence, and environmental disaster – …

Thursday video pick-me-up

Looks like a winning equation: Pixar + robots + 700 yrs into the future = WALL•E

Rats in the kitchen

Pixar has strung together 7 consecutive box-office winners. Ratatouille is no exception.

As a big fan of the studio‚Äôs work, I had some pretty high expectations going into the movie tonight. In the end, I was not disappointed. Was it the best Pixar movie? No. Was it better than almost all of the garbage coming …