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Instagram for Android: Take back your filtered squares

Love it or hate it, Instagram has made (gratuitous use of) filters the norm and changed how folks share mobile photos. For most of the app’s lifespan, Instagram was only available for iOS… until recently, when it finally became available for Android. Despite all the outcries from iOS fanboys enthusiasts, the recent addition of Android …

3 Free Apps to Make Your Android Photos More Incredible

I’m not talking about improving your photos of Androids, but rather the photos taken with your Android device. With over 50K apps and counting available in the ever-expanding Android Market, there is no shortage of options for camera-related apps. That said, I’ve come across three particularly useful and fun Android apps to make your regular …

Down Under: A collection of photographs from Australia

I’ve posted a (flash) gallery of photographs from my recent trip Down Under. Hope you enjoy – cheers!

Photos of the Day: Happy Independence Day, America!

San Francisco Bay FireworksSF, CA • July 4, 2007 • Nikon D100

Photo of the Day: Inside Seattle’s Central Library

Inside Seattle’s Central LibrarySeattle, WA • April 4, 2008 • Kodak v1253

Photo of the Day: Crimson Mound in the Distance

Crimson (termite) Mound in the DistanceSamburu, Kenya • August 6, 2008 • Nikon D60

Photo of the Day: Sunset off Coronado

Sunset off CoronadoCoronado, CA • March 3, 2007 • Canon A610

Photo of the Day: The (Roman) Colosseum

The (Roman) ColosseumRome, Italy • December 1, 2002 • Nikon Coolpix 2500

Photo of the Day: Life Imitating Art

Life Imitating ArtSonoma, CA • April 22, 2006 • Canon A610

Photo of the Day: Sunrise in Samburu

Sunrise in SamburuSamburu, Kenya • August 6, 2008 • Nikon D60