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2011 SF Outside Lands headliner schedule deduced

The 4th annual San Francisco Outside Lands music festival will be held in Golden Gate Park on August 12-14. While the lineup was announced a couple weeks back, there is still no formal daily schedule available.
However, based on two of the three main headlining acts’ websites, we can be fairly certain that Phish will close …

Musical Schmorgesborg: New Phish, Muse, Thom Yorke

“When it rains, it pours,” quipped some smart guy a long while back. It seems the same holds true for the music I enjoy. Starting last Tuesday (Sept. 8 ) and ending Sept. 21, three artists that I generally enjoy have/are releasing new material.
Phish released its first studio album – Joy – in over five …

Official: Phish & Co. to invade Indio, CA for Halloween

Festival 8 • Indio, CA
[F]or the first time ever, Phish will combine two of its most cherished traditions – a multi-day camping festival and performing on Halloween – in a glorious three-day celebration.
Keeping the tradition of past Halloween shows, Phish will don a musical costume on Halloween night and cover another band’s album.
Tickets go on …


Save The Date: Phish Festival 2009 is in … California!?!

The latest (and final?) map update coupled with the original (Indio, CA) rumors and today’s supposed hotel leak all clearly point to California. Now all that’s missing is an official official announcement and details.
“The west is the best. Get here, and we’ll do the rest.”1


Save the Date: Phish cryptically announces Fall festival

If you head over to Phish.com you will be greeted by a (not surprisingly) cryptic animation regarding a previously unannounced 3-day Fall festival October 30 – November 1. Where? Your guess is as good as mine.


Phish is NOT planning a Texas festival afterall

Rumors of a possible early fall Phish festival just outside Austin, Texas have been quashed. Last night, Austin’s local Fox News affiliate posted an interview with the farm owner who says there is no secret concert in the works.
Back to work, everyone…

Rumor: Phish is planning an early fall festival in Texas

Update: Phish is NOT planning a Texas festival afterall…

The video-teaser (above) that Phish posted to announce the second leg of their summer tour may reveal more than meets the eye. According to The Butter Room, the farm featured in the clip is located in Georgetown, Texas (just about 30 miles outside of Austin).
Once they …


Hampton Comes Back Alive [photos]

A few photo “highlights” from this past weekend in Hampton. And don’t forget, control for smilers can’t be bought…

Phish: live & uncut @ Hampton Coliseum – 3.6.09 [video]

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Welcome back! / Fluffhead

As promised, here are the (raw) videos I “filmed” during Phish’s killer return to the stage last Friday, March 6, 2009 at Hampton Coliseum. …

Phish rocks Hampton, begins new era

Hampton, VA: Phish is officially back. The Vermont quartet brought the house Mothership down on Friday night, March 6, 2009 (their first official return to the stage).
Playing to a sold out crowd, Phish rocked through 28 of their best songs (setlist after the break) leading die hard fans to make such exclamations as: “That was …