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Make some room

Deleting unnecessary duplicate files is a simple way to free up space on your hard drive(s). Freeware app – Duplicate Cleaner (Win) – makes finding and removing extraneous copies easy and straight forward.
Point to any directory > specify file matching criteria > use ‘Selection Assistant’ to choose desired files to erase.
Done and done.

Keeping sh*t organized

Yahoo! Widget – Day Planner-Calendar – is a free, easy, and effective way to stay organized.

This widget adds To-Do lists to your desktop, lets you set reminders and deadlines, and will also sync with your Google Calendar, enabling you to add tasks and events to your gCal.
In order to use it, you first need to …

Getting in sync

After years of living in what seemed like 2 distinct worlds (desktop v. laptop), I finally realized the need and benefits of syncing info across my machines.
Although there are numerous solutions out there, I took advice from one of my more pro-Windows friends (WE) and tried Microsoft’s own free app – SyncToy (obviously, Win-only).
A straight-forward …