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iApps: ‘Public Radio Tuner’ streams NPR-type stations from around the country to your iDevice

I’m not sure whether to attribute my love of National Public Radio (and related content) to my parents incessant listening while I was growing up in the news-hyper Washington DC Metro Area, the fact that I’ve been commuting a rather sizable distance for the last 5 or so years, and/or to my lack of interest …

Radiohead: Live in Santa Barbara (mp3)

NPR’s All Songs Considered is featuring Radiohead’s entire August 28, 2008 live performance in Santa Barbara, California as a free podcast.  For more info, head on over to NPR Music, go directly to the iTunes download (for the full show), or dl individual mp3s (and the above album art) from lders.nl.
(thanks AG)
update: more live 2008 …

I find your lack of faith disturbing

NPR has a great story about rejected Star Wars merchandise concepts, including an audio-slideshow complete with mock-ups and commentary by the original designers.
Some of the considered ideas: AT-AT Chair Caddy, Bantha Slippers, Cloud City desk lamp, Darth Vader gumball machine, and Princess Leia headphones.
For more, head over to Action Hero Insider to read one of …

A great way to keep track

NPR’s 2008 election map is a really straight forward and easy to use tool to keep track of the election results and numbers.
(image KQED)