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The 80’s Are In: Give Friends And Family Retro Nintendo Gifts

The Winter Holiday Shopping Season has officially arrived. If you didn’t manage (or if you were smart enough to avoid the whole scene) to grab any amazing deals on Black Friday have no fear, ThinkGeek has got your hi-tech friends and family members covered.
Among the online retailer’s plethora of novelty / utilitarian goods, you …

In a shocking twist, Toadstool turns to a life of crime

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BREAKING: Nintendo unexpectedly launches Wii HD!

In light of the fact that the Wii supply chain has finally caught up with demand some 2.5 years after it was first launched, Nintendo has decided that now is as good a time as any to take the wraps off its next-gen console – Wii HD!
Not only will this be the first high definition …

Meatspace Mario Kart

ThinkGeek never ceases to amaze with its endless supply of randomly awesome crap stuff; the Mario Kart Slot Car Racing Set is a prime example.
How [email protected]$$ is this thing?  Mario and Wario going head-to-head in 1:43 scale, racing around 20+ feet of twisting track!
Unfortunately… meatspace Mario Kart doesn’t come cheap – $79.99.

Will you be the one?

Allez Cuisine! Iron Chef coming to the Wii

Today’s secret ingredient is….WHAT?!?!  Didn’t see this one coming – Iron Chef America: Supreme Cuisine is being released for Nintendo Wii (and DS). Trailer after the break…

Now You’re Playing with a Coffee Table!

How impressive (and somewhat insane) is this thing! A fully-operational NES controller coffee table, complete with storage, glass overlay, and real functionality!
See some photos here.
(via Engadget)

Mario Kart Wii: The legend continues

Mario Kart Wii is finally here! This latest update to the classic fan-favorite combines Mario Kart’s timeless gameplay with new tracks, vehicles, and features.
Most notably, players can now race online – competing against friends or random people around the world. Once you connect via Nintendo WFC, players see a real-time view of a …

The new and improved Nintendo Entertainment System

Just when you thought the NES couldn’t get any smaller…some dude was able to create this incredible Super Mario Bros. NES.
In an incredible feat of efficiency and nostalgia, an old SMB cartridge has been transformed into a fully armed and operational battlestation Nintendo Entertainment System.
Yes please!
(via CrunchGear)

A new take on an old classic

Now this is what real fanboys do with their time.