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Rejected Inauguration ticket holders’ official apology packet “gifts”

Update: My packet arrived the day after I first posted this. Is anyone else still waiting to get theirs?
I’ve yet to receive my official apology packet from the JCCIC, but my dad (who lives in the DC metro area) got his last week. I thought it’d be nice to share the contents with rejected …

Rejected Inauguration ticket holders begin to receive official apology packets

Update: My packet ended up arriving on March 6, 2009.

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According to two local Washington, DC media outlets (WTOP / WJLA), the JCCIC has begun to mail out …

Investment tip: It’s time to get yourself a domain

With the economy in the dumps, unemployment growing, and the housing market in shambles, why not invest in a sure thing – yourself! If you haven’t already, it’s high time you pony up and buy yourself an Internet domain name (aka URL).
For roughly $10/yr*, you can (and should) stake a claim to your own “piece” …

Happy (originally scheduled) DTV transition day!

Congress may have officially delayed the digital TV transition until June 12, but that didn’t stop a whopping 641 stations (see: 36% of all full-power stations nationwide) from pulling the plug on their respective analog signals as of today, the originally scheduled deadline.1 (pdf)
In other words, there is a greater than 1 in 3 chance …

Ticketmaster + Live Nation = The Devil

Update (Feb. 11, 2009): The AP is reporting that the Justice Dept. will indeed investigate the proposed merger to “see if the combined company would create an unfair monopoly in the ticket-selling business.”
And to think, as of last week I thought the (recently ended) slew of RIAA lawsuits against MP3-downloadin’ tweens were the worst thing …

Headline news: CNN makes much ado about nothing

Embedded video from CNN Video

Following last year’s record-setting coverage of the 2008 Election and this year’s 2009 Inauguration, CNN remains at the top of its game, never seeming to miss a beat. Take this mornings headline – President Obama bumps his head – for example. Sounded like it might be serious and important news …

Headline news: Buy Obama, boost the economy

Relive history every time you sit down to a cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate! That’s right. If you act now, this Set of Four Election & Inauguration Coffee Mugs can be yours for the low, low price of $44.95 (+ s/h)! That’s an incredible savings of $4.95 off the total retail value (if you were …

Why pay more? Buy A/V/C cables online…duh

In times of economic hardship (see: right now), cutting costs wherever and whenever possible is absolutely essential for everyone’s bottom line.  In today’s stupidly obvious post, I’m here to plead with the general public: Stop paying too much for your audio/video/computer cables when you can save massive amounts online!
Here’s a typical example: You just got …

Delaying the inevitable: DTV transition pushed back to June 12

Update: The FCC says it will still allow some stations to make the switch early, but that the it “reserve[s] the right to deny those requests if we find that it would not serve the public interest or if it would frustrate Congress’ goal of giving consumers adequate time to prepare.”

Ah Congress.  How I loathe …

Apparently a few newspapers have been online since 1981, who knew?

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