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iPad, SchmiPad. Netflix is coming to the iPod touch too.

Today is the day of the iPad – a “magical and revolutionary product at an unbelievable price” says Apple. Great. It’s not that I wouldn’t enjoy owning and/or using one, it’s just that I don’t have $499-829 of disposable income lying around here at the moment.
So what is a poor iPod touch owner supposed …

iApps: WootWatch | PhoneFlix

While most websites are easy to use on mobile Safari, a variety of sites benefit greatly from being app-ified.
Woot.com is no exception.  WootWatch ports everyone’s favorite deal-of-the-day site to the iDevices – featuring an image and description of the latest woot, shirt.woot, and wine.woot offers.  Similarly, the ability to quickly check/update a Netflix queue has …