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The 80’s Are In: Give Friends And Family Retro Nintendo Gifts

The Winter Holiday Shopping Season has officially arrived. If you didn’t manage (or if you were smart enough to avoid the whole scene) to grab any amazing deals on Black Friday have no fear, ThinkGeek has got your hi-tech friends and family members covered.
Among the online retailer’s plethora of novelty / utilitarian goods, you …

8-Bit Oven Mitt: Now You’re Cooking With Power!

ThinkGeek never ceases to amaze me with its never-ending selection of novelty geekeries. Take this 8-bit oven mitt, for example…how rad is that?! Not since the original NES has 8-bit looked so good. For the somewhat absurd price of $24.99, you can get yourself an oven mitt just like Mario used to wear.


Super Mario Bros. 3 pushpin mosaic coffee table, complete with pipe legs

There’s a simple rule of life that most every (respectable) person follows – give credit, where credit is due. In this case, credit is due to the blogger behind The Artist and The Ego for this fantastic (and nostalgic) pushpin mosaic Super Mario Bros. 3 coffee table.
Not only did he create a wonderful, diy Super …

Just what the Doctor ordered

Dr. Mario offers free, prescription-strength procrastination

Will you be the one?

Weekend Update: Firefox edition

Stumbled across a couple of interesting/fun Firefox-related posts today:

Slashdot – check out this flash video of some of the new features included in Mozilla’s upcoming release of Firefox 3
Lifehacker – add 2000 NES games to Firefox with the FireNes extension

Now You’re Playing with a Coffee Table!

How impressive (and somewhat insane) is this thing! A fully-operational NES controller coffee table, complete with storage, glass overlay, and real functionality!
See some photos here.
(via Engadget)

The new and improved Nintendo Entertainment System

Just when you thought the NES couldn’t get any smaller…some dude was able to create this incredible Super Mario Bros. NES.
In an incredible feat of efficiency and nostalgia, an old SMB cartridge has been transformed into a fully armed and operational battlestation Nintendo Entertainment System.
Yes please!
(via CrunchGear)

A Long Time Ago in a (LEGO) Galaxy Far, Far Away…

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I am the epitome of the casual gamer. Over the span of my 27 years I have only owned 3 (in-home) systems: NES, N64, and now …

The family resemblance is striking

No matter how much I love the Wii, the original NES will always have a special place in my <3. Needless to say, I got a little excited after stumbling across these nostalgic ($15) Wii Skins from DecalGirl (above: original NES | below: retro Revolution).