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How-to: Enable “retro” tabbed outlines in Word 2007

As someone who splits his time between an older XP laptop and a newer Vista (x64) desktop, I’ve generally grown accustom to the slight changes in how each machine operates. However, moving between Word 2003 and Word 2007 is a whole other story.
Take creating a simple “tabbed” outline (a.k.a. a multilevel list), for example. …

7th time’s a charm!

It’s hard not to compare Microsoft’s latest (and not so greatest) OS – Vista – with its millennial cousin, Windows ME. But perhaps, this isn’t as bad as it seems?!
In the same way that ME was to revolutionize Win 98, Vista was supposed to take XP to the next level. However, after what …

Gotta see it to believe it

Learn more about Photosynth here; try it here.

Getting in sync

After years of living in what seemed like 2 distinct worlds (desktop v. laptop), I finally realized the need and benefits of syncing info across my machines.
Although there are numerous solutions out there, I took advice from one of my more pro-Windows friends (WE) and tried Microsoft’s own free app – SyncToy (obviously, Win-only).
A straight-forward …