#USA v. #ENG #WorldCup game 1 (LEGO) recap [video]

Star Wars: The Original Trilogy in 133 LEGO seconds

Shirt of the Day: LEGOlas, son of Thranduil

Pretty much speaks for itself.

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Busted: MythBusters debunk giant LEGO boulder

D’oh! 2 weeks of work, 1 million bricks, and it’s all over (er, busted) in 10 seconds.

(Watch the original “Giant LEGO Boulder” vid after the break.)

For the Sith who has everything

Having trouble figuring out what to buy that special boy man Sith in your life? For just a few Galactic Credits (or $269.99 USD), you can put a smirk on his face with the galaxy’s ultimate battle station – the Lego Star Wars Death Star II!

2008 Beijing LEGO Olympics

… and the gold medal for 2008 Beijing LEGO Olympic recreation goes to… Hong Kong Lego User Group – a team of block-building super “athletes”!

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LEGOs imitating life

Useloos Gallery’s ‘Lego Kopie’ features a number of famous photographs reimagined in LEGOs
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A Long Time Ago in a (LEGO) Galaxy Far, Far Away…

[flv:http://www.boilr.net/wp-content/video/legostarwars.flv http://www.boilr.net/wp-content/video/lsw.jpg 480 270]

I am the epitome of the casual gamer. Over the span of my 27 years I have only owned 3 (in-home) systems: NES, N64, and now Wii. The common denominator to all of these platforms is obviously Nintendo; but beyond the obvious, the real draw is the emphasis on fun …