Hulu Desktop: A step closer to destroying the world

Hulu is one of the best things to happen to online video since, well, ever really. The attractive and easy-as-pie interface combined with legitimate prime-time content (i.e. Fox, NBC, soon ABC, +) has made it a smash success among the cloudizen (i.e. people who spend too much a lot of time online) community.
Hulu has finally …

Never miss another game

We’ve reached the annual US sports overload overlap extravaganza – the World Series, the heart of the NFL and NCAA football seasons, the beginning of the NHL season, and pre-season NBA action – all competing for sports fans’ attention.
As a DC sports fan transplanted in SF, I’ve grown tired of missing my teams’ games due …

Are you ready for some (streaming) football?

While last Thursday night’s (painful to watch for Skins’ fans) game officially marked the beginning of the ’08-09 NFL season, today is the first Sunday – aka the real start to fall and football.
For the first time in National Football League broadcast history, Thursday and Sunday Night games will be available streaming online for free …

Great Moments in IPTV

Perhaps the most exciting IPTV news since the launch of South Park Studios, NBC/News Corp. video joint venture site – Hulu – is now offering full length on-demand (480p) streams of The Daily Show and Colbert Report!
(via TechCrunch)

IPTV cubed

As TV continues to find its way online, more and more services have sprung up to help viewers find their favorite shows. PrimeTimeRewind offers a somewhat unique, but ultimately not that useful flash rotating cube IPTV guide.

Better late than never

Hulu will finally open to the public tomorrow after 4+ months in private beta. This joint online-venture between NBC Universal and News Corp features on-demand video (some with “limited” commercial interruption) from over 30 different networks/studios such as NBC, Bravo, Fox, and National Geographic to name a few.
This is just the beginning of …

Throw away your television (provider)

As pointed out on numerous blogs and new media sites, the continuing Writers Guild of America strike may represent a tipping point in the future of TV (in America) as we know it.
With online media outlets springing up like weeds, more and more people turn to the web to catch their favorite shows. It …