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Get the most out of Dell tech support with Chat

If you own a Dell computer (with a valid warranty) and have ever used Dell’s technical support over the phone, you don’t need me to tell you that the experiences (i.e. the actual support) range from quick and helpful to completely lost in translation (as in, an enormously frustrating waste of time).
Fortunately, Dell introduced online …

IM your way to the top!

Researchers have found that workers who use instant messaging are actually more productive.
Using instant messaging led to more conversations on the computer, but the conversations were briefer, said R. Kelly Garrett, co-author of the study and assistant professor of communication at Ohio State.
This new evidence is counter to the widely accepted idea that IMing is …

All for one(Connect), and one(Connect) for all!

Yahoo! announced an upcoming mobile app today at the Mobile World Congress in Spain – oneConnect. The major appeal of this application is its ability to consolidate just about every IM and social network into one place.

Users will be able to send messages to contacts across a wide variety of sites including Facebook and …

Now Playing on Pidgin

Attention music-loving Pidgin users. Tired of stressing over crafting witty IM away messages?
Good news, MusicTracker will calm your nerves.
This free Pidgin plugin (windows/linux only) allows users to display whatever song they are listening to as an away message for any of the supported IM clients in Pidgin.
(via Lifehacker | download)