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Hulu Desktop: A step closer to destroying the world

Hulu is one of the best things to happen to online video since, well, ever really. The attractive and easy-as-pie interface combined with legitimate prime-time content (i.e. Fox, NBC, soon ABC, +) has made it a smash success among the cloudizen (i.e. people who spend too much a lot of time online) community.
Hulu has finally …

Coming Soon: The Dharma Hulu Station (and more)

Earlier today, Walt Disney Co. announced its new partnership with NBC Universal and News Corp.’s popular video site – Hulu. Disney is said to have taken a nearly 30% stake in the successful joint web video venture, and plans to add a number of full-length ABC TV shows including none other than, LOST.
Up until this …

Great Moments in IPTV

Perhaps the most exciting IPTV news since the launch of South Park Studios, NBC/News Corp. video joint venture site – Hulu – is now offering full length on-demand (480p) streams of The Daily Show and Colbert Report!
(via TechCrunch)