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PSA: Comcast goes wild, adds 47 NEW HD channels in SF

Attention San Francisco Comcast customers: Your favorite cable TV provider has just (well, yesterday if you want to be picky) flipped the switch on 75 new channels, including a whopping 47 NEW HD channels! Apparently the new plethora of high definition (and that other thing – standard def) channels is a result of the recent …

Review: Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 HD 10MP Dual Camera

As promised, here is a more in-depth look @ the Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 HD 10MP pistol-grip “Dual Camera.” I picked mine up for just shy of $200 (w/ free 2GB SD card from Costco) back in July in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Australia. Besides the lack of optical image stabilization (more on that …

Quick Look: Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 HD “Dual Camera”

I recently bought a Sanyo Xacti VPC-CG10 High Definition “Dual Camera” in anticipation of an upcoming trip to Australia. I was looking for an inexpensive (sub $200) HD video camera with optical zoom (as opposed to something like the Flip MinoHD which has digital zoom only) to compliment my Nikon dSLR, so I’m giving …

Video of the Day: Elephants roaming Samburu, Kenya

Amazing African elephants roaming Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
Thanks to YouTube’s recently improved HD capabilities, I can now more easily upload and share some of the high definition video I captured during my trip to Kenya last August (2008). Enjoy!


Tonight, tonight: The Simpsons go HD, debut new main title

As previously mentioned, the first high definition episode of The Simpsons – “Take My Life, Please” – airs tonight on Fox.
But wait, there’s more. Tonight’s HD Simpsons will also feature the premiere of The Simpsons’ first new main title since the original permanent opening sequence debuted in the second season of the beloved animated …

White House tech: At least the TV looks decent

Amid recent reports that the White House is decades behind in terms of technology, the American people can at least rest assured that our Football-Fan-in-Chief was able to watch the game on a decent (if not incredible) HDTV.
From the looks of this official WhiteHouse.gov photo (above), I’d guess President Obama and Co. watched Sunday’s surprisingly …

Finally! The Simpsons go HD on February 15, 2009

Mark your calendar and set your DVR! America’s favorite animated family – The Simpsons – are (finally) making their high-definition debut on February 15, 2009 in an episode titled “Take My Life, Please.”
I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that this sudden move to HD has some connection with the pending (now possibly …

Never miss another game

We’ve reached the annual US sports overload overlap extravaganza – the World Series, the heart of the NFL and NCAA football seasons, the beginning of the NHL season, and pre-season NBA action – all competing for sports fans’ attention.
As a DC sports fan transplanted in SF, I’ve grown tired of missing my teams’ games due …

IJ4: Kingdom of the Crystal Skull teaser

Download the trailer in HD from Yahoo!

HD YouTube killer?

While surfing the web tonight, I was thinking to myself…”Why isn’t there a high definition YouTube-like service available yet?” After a quick G-search, I came across an old WIRED blog post about Azureus’ new site, Zudeo, a “high definition, DVD-quality video on the internet” service.
9 months later, the site has been renamed, Vuze. My …