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Happy Earth Day 2009!

Jedi EcoSaber: Protect the universe, save the planet

UK graphic designer – rubyred – has created an instant classic in his Jedi EcoSaber t-shirt (avail. in 22 colors).
Be sure to check out the rest of his t-shirt designs, all of which are available in a plethora of different colors.
[redbubble via BoingBoing]

Holey eco-printing, Batman!

Ecofont – a font full of holes – is designed to minimize the amount of ink needed to print characters in a legible fashion. This ingeniously simple green-tech solution can supposedly use up to 20% less resources without sacrificing readability.

A free download, Ecofont is ideal for casual printing, saving ink on unimportant documents, but …

Happy (Green) Holidays!

According to the US Census Bureau, Americans send 1.9 billion holiday cards to friends and family each year. With the economy in the dumps and an ever-increasing need to cut back on energy/natural resources, why not do your part by sending e-cards this year.
Electronic cards are a convenient, green, and economic alternative to traditional greetings …

BBQ Donut: grill and chill

Straight out of Germany, bbq-donut is “the ultimate leisure concept for a completely new bar-b-que on the water.”

This ultimate party accessory accommodates 8-10 people and features a sunshade, spherical gas grill, dining surface, storage compartments, and an easy entrance area.

Best of all, this floating badboy is green – powered by rechargeable batteries for up to …

Here Comes the Sun

Toyota recently announced that it will be adding solar equipment to its next-gen Prius (as well as reducing the vehicles weight to improve mpg).  The solar panels installed on the roof will aid in powering the hybrid‘s air-conditioning system, of all things.
Now that’s just funny.
(via MarketWatch)

What’s in season?

If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of local foods are currently in season (anywhere in the U.S.), Epicurious has an interactive Seasonal Ingredient Map to help you out.
Eating local, seasonal foods is better for the environment and makes for better eats.
(via Lifehacker)

Free solar power estimates online

Own (or plan to buy) a home in California? Curious how much a solar energy system would be? Head on over to Sungevity, enter your home address, and within 24 hours you will receive an estimate customized for your home.

Through a combination of technologies, Sungevity is able to remotely and accurately determine the potential effectiveness …

Air is in

(almost) Zero Pollution Motors will soon be accepting pre-orders for its up-coming Air Car, due to be delivered late 2009/early 2010.
Not quite gas-free (see below), The Air Car relies on compressed air rather than gasoline to power the 6 cylinder, 75 hp engine. It has an estimated top speed of 96 mph and an …

Less printing = more trees, more $$

I just stumbled across GreenPrint. The company aims to reduce the amount of wasted paper and ink by allowing users (currently Windows only) to send each print job through its GreenPrint World software.

The standalone program was recently released as freeware for home (non-commercial) users. After a quick installation, GreenPrint will appear as one …