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Google Gears + WP image uploader = Firefox crash?

After a few frustrating days of having the WordPress (flash) file uploader crash Firefox on every attempt, I finally stumbled across a (hopefully short-term) solution: disabling the Firefox Google Gears extension.

Anyone who is running a self-hosted WordPress or WordPress.com blog and has installed Google Gears to enable / use WordPress’ Turbo feature should be aware …

WordPress has gone plaid

[flv:http://www.boilr.net/wp-content/video/plaid.flv 420 315]

Since the last major release (2.6), WordPress now has built-in support for Google Gears.  Once enabled (click “Turbo” in the upper right corner of the dashboard), Gears will store your site’s files locally, effectively turbocharging administrative functions.  This is especially helpful for bloggers/site admins trying to update sites over slow interweb connections.

In the …