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Google adds Sports calendars and more to Calendar app

Update: Google announced the new calendar options yesterday (9/2/09) afternoon on its Official Gmail Blog.
Not sure how old this is, but I just noticed a new link in Google Calendar – Sports calendars – for the 1st time.
When you click on the link you are greeted with a choice of ‘Holidays,’ ‘Sports,’ or ‘More’ …

How-to: Sync Google Calendar with iPod touch / iPhone [UPDATE]

Update (Feb. 13, 2009): To sync multiple calendars, go to m.google.com/sync on your iPod touch/iPhone and select additional calendars to sync.
Last September, I posted How to: Sync Google Calendar with iPod touch/iPhone in which I explained how to use the free NuevaSync service to sync Google Calendars (and contacts) with your iDevice. That post has …

A (Firefox) risk worth taking

The folks over at Mozilla are all about community development for Firefox add-ons.  So much so, they allow developers to release ‘Experimental Add-ons‘…aka extensions that function, but are still too buggy for general consumption.
GCal Popup is one such add-on.  Once installed, this great extension adds a gCal button to your FF status bar.  Click the …

How-to: Sync Google Calendar with iPod touch/iPhone

Update: Things have changed – read the updated post here.
Since getting my iPod touch, I’ve been searching for a free and, more importantly, easy way to sync my Google Calendar (gCal) with my iTouch cal (as no Apple/App Store solution currently exists).
Like many iDevice (Windows) users, I don’t use M$ Outlook and therefore do not …