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Vista’s Snipping Tool takes PrtScn to the next level

Having just recently converted to Windows Vista (Home Premium 64-bit; it came pre-installed on my new computer), I’m still trying to (stay positive and) learn about all of its new features (if you’re looking for a Vista h8 post, you’ve come to the wrong place).
One of the best tools (also available in Windows 7) …

When it comes to .iso, ImgBurn is the way to go

Windows-only: Freeware ImgBurn is an extremely straight forward and lightweight solution for burning and creating disk images (.iso files). It can also burn various types of CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs, and Blu-ray discs.
An ISO image (.iso in Windows, .cdr in OSX) is an uncompressed archive file of an optical disc. Generally, this type of file …

Choose the right font for the job with Font Picker

Ever tried to find the perfect font for a new logo, powerpoint presentation, website, or other project only to become frustrated/discouraged after rummaging through all your system’s fonts? If so, (third-party) Adobe AIR app – Font Picker – may just be the solution you’ve been waiting for.
This freeware app (AIR required) makes picking through fonts …

Access Google Analytics from your desktop

Update: This AIR app is no longer available. The same folks have created an alternative named Polaris.

Adobe AIR Marketplace app – Analytics Reporting Suite – brings convenient desktop access to your Google Analytics data.
Simply enter your account info and you’re good to go – quick, free, and easy.

Boilr’s Favorite Free Apps Guide 2008

With ~2 weeks left in the year and Chrismahanukwanzakah just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to revisit my favorite freeware of 2008.  If you are planning to give and/or receive a new computer* this holiday season, save yourself (and/or your loved ones) some hard-earned dough by switching to these highly capable, (paid for-alternative) …

I think, therefore iFormat

Searching for a cheap (free) and easy (but not necessarily fast) way to create high quality compressed video for your iDevice?  Look no further than freeware, HandBrake!
While there are a plethora of competing solutions floating around the interwebs, HandBrake has been the most reliable and worthwhile software that I’ve come across (thanks WE).  Oh, and …

Make some room

Deleting unnecessary duplicate files is a simple way to free up space on your hard drive(s). Freeware app – Duplicate Cleaner (Win) – makes finding and removing extraneous copies easy and straight forward.
Point to any directory > specify file matching criteria > use ‘Selection Assistant’ to choose desired files to erase.
Done and done.

Start your weekend with more confidence!

Update (11/17/08): FYI, no more crossword avail, due to lack of interest 🙁
Introducing boilr’s weekly crossword puzzle. Keeping your brain in shape has never been easier (no seriously)!
Thanks to the free EclipseCrossword software (currently Win-only), creating and publishing crossword puzzles is a snap.
Check back for a new boilr-related puzzle each Friday (+/- a few …

Free multi-touch/wireless mouse! (BYOiPhone/Touch)

Another shining example of the amazing free software that is being developed for the iPhone/iPod touch (and will hopefully be ported to Apple’s official SDK at no cost!).
(via Lifehacker | more info)

Mapping WiFi around the world

WeFi aims to generate a comprehensive map of WiFi hot spots around the world. The company site explains:
WeFi is software loaded onto your laptop or mobile device. It enhances your existing WiFi management software with a more powerful connection tool. The WeFi software automatically detects and qualifies all WiFi access points within range and …