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There and back again: Boilr returns (kinda)

I’ve not had the time, and if I’m going to be entirely honest, interest, in posting to my oldest blog. In fact, this is the first post of 2013.
To make the site more appealing to it’s ~75 daily average readers (drastically down from its peak of ~560 dailies in 2011) and to inspire myself …


The 2011 Boilr Zeitgeist

Another year, another year-end Boilr Zeitgeist. Despite posting less frequently in 2011, Boilr surpassed 500,000 total visits (since enabling WP stats in February 2008, some two years after starting the blog) on Christmas day!

So what were the 10 most popular Boilr posts in 2011? Here they are (per Google Analytics) in descending order:


Five. Hundred. Thousand. Plus.

Total visits!

(since 02/08)


Taking it to 11… er 300,000!

2010 ended on a solid note for Boilr, and 2011 is off to nearly as great a start. Although the site went live back in 2006, I didn’t begin logging stats with WordPress Stats until February 2008. In the time since, this little site that could has reached a number of milestones, including this past …


The 2010 Boilr Zeitgeist: Up and to the Right

Last year I posted the first-ever Boilr Zeitgeist (well, one including statistics; here’s 2008’s top 10 posts). Now that we’re coming up on the last moments of 2010, it is time to break out this year’s stats.

So what were the 10 most popular Boilr posts in 2010? Here they are (per Google Analytics) in order …


The 2009 Boilr Zeitgeist: A Statistical Look Back

Another year, another dollar bunch of stats collected. 2009 was quite a year…for the world, and for Boilr.
Starting with a spike in traffic before, during, and after President Obama’s Inauguration back in January, this little site that could has seen a lot visitor growth and multiple WordPress theme changes and updates during this last …


Good? There’s plenty more where that came from…

What’s better than stumbling across a (random) blog post that you really enjoyed or was exceedingly helpful or that simply whet your inquisitive appetite? More of the same, that’s what!
Thanks to the awesomeness that is WordPress and the useful code (and help) from 3mind, Boilr proudly presents its latest upgrade – Related Posts. (note: a …

Looking back: Top 10 Boilrs of 2008

(descending – title | # of views):

How to: Sync Google Calendar with iPod touch/iPhone | 422
The Cloud Command Center | 267
Apple stuns the world with new iPhone! | 260
Fake America for Obama | 217
Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday | 185
The Cloud Command Center expands | 109
iApps: Barack gets app-ified | 100
iApps: Instapaper | 99
iApps: Stanza …

Start your weekend with more confidence!

Update (11/17/08): FYI, no more crossword avail, due to lack of interest 🙁
Introducing boilr’s weekly crossword puzzle. Keeping your brain in shape has never been easier (no seriously)!
Thanks to the free EclipseCrossword software (currently Win-only), creating and publishing crossword puzzles is a snap.
Check back for a new boilr-related puzzle each Friday (+/- a few …

Now With More Democracy!

The 2008 Primary has inspired me to make boilr more democratic. In the spirit of the Election, I have added 2 new features to the site to enable more reader feedback/participation: a post rating system and social bookmarking options.
You might also notice that I have transitioned from categorizing the posts by topic to organizing …