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Power Up: Electric Audi R8 revealed as E-Tron concept

Audi has taken the wraps off its highly anticipated electric R8 concept, now known as E-Tron. The stunning electric vehicle concept is expected to compete head to head with the green luxury sports car offerings from the likes of Mercedes, Tesla, and Fisker.

American Car FAIL: GM and Chrysler had no style

It’s no wonder that American car manufacturer GM and (recently re-Americanized and then re-unAmercanized) Chrysler have hit rock bottom. All one has to do is look up (er, above this text) for evidence – Chevrolet HHR (left) | Chrysler PT Cruiser (right) – of their massive design and style failures.
I mean, if you are going …

Good things come to those who wait: Audi R8 Spider convertible delayed a year

Frankly, it really doesn’t matter at all when Audi finally releases its amazing R8 Spider convertible…just the fact that cars like this even exist is good enough for me (and the other multiple billions of people who will never be able to afford such a ride). Keep up the good work, OOOO.
[via MotorAuthority]

The future of cars?!

Audi has apparently created a system that mimics different vehicle makes and models with it’s own A8 prototype.
I’ll take a Tesla Roadster, DB9 cabrio, H1, Smart car combo please!
(source: autoblog)