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Review: Belkin Snap Shield for iPad 2

Update (7/1/11): Unfortunately, 3 of the 4 corners have begun to crack under very light use. I’ve contacted Belkin, will report back. 🙁
Alas! I’ve finally found the “case” I’ve been looking for since I first got my iPad 2 – the Belkin Snap Shield.
Available in both clear (right, which is still lightly frosted) and …

Review: 32GB Wi-Fi iPad 2 with Smart Cover

Apple has once again raised the bar on industrial design. The iPad 2 is unreasonably thin and one of the most impressive pieces of hardware to date. With that said, there’s still plenty of room for improvement.
It should come as no surprise that Apple’s latest iOS device is a real work of industrial art. iPad …

Confessions of a lifelong PC user: The MacBook Pro is solid.

As a lifelong PC user (read: not a fanboy, just stating the facts), I was a bit anxious to find out that I’d be using a MacBook Pro (13.3″) at my new job. Right from the start, I was unable to follow the seemingly simple setup instructions I was given by the friendly IT folks, …

That Was Easy: Get Quick Support from Apple Expert

I had a simple question regarding an iTunes gift card, my iTunes account and my iPod touch. After heading over to Apple’s support site, I noticed Apple Expert in the lower left corner. I simply clicked, inputted my touch’s serial number, and selected “call me now” and bam! I was connected with an “Expert” in …


Lost in the shuffle: iPod touch ALSO getting 3.0 update

Update: iPod touch 3.0 Software Update NOW available.
Today’s WWDC event revealed the latest OS X (Snow Leopard), new and updated MacBook Pros (13″), a new iPhone (3G S), and, most importantly and relevant to iPod touch (2G) owners, Apple officially unveiled iPhone OS 3.0. Although, if you followed any of the coverage, there is very …

Steve Mobs tells it like it is

The real “skinny” on iPod touch 2

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Like any (non-hating) gadgeteer, I was interested to see what Apple would pull out of its (white glossy) hat at yesterday’s event.  Among the many foreseeable announcements was the second generation of iPod touch devices.
Don’t get me wrong…as a first …

iPhone 3G in chocolate?

Apple might not have any plans to add a brown model to its impending iPhone 3G lineup (black or white), but you can still get the iPhone 3G in chocolate…literally!
USBfever is now accepting pre-orders for its ‘IPhone Chocolate Style Silicone case.’  This novel case turns big A’s mobile into a bar of chocolate – providing …

Apple stuns the world with new iPhone!

BREAKING: Apple releases the next-gen iPhone early!
That’s right! Apple has upped the ante once again. Forget 3G…the newest iPhone comes upgraded with 4G WiMAX connectivity, integrated Adobe Flash support, and what is possibly the most improbable/unforeseen feature of all – holographic messaging!

First there was visual voicemail…now holographic messaging! Send your friends holographic images, …

Free multi-touch/wireless mouse! (BYOiPhone/Touch)

Another shining example of the amazing free software that is being developed for the iPhone/iPod touch (and will hopefully be ported to Apple’s official SDK at no cost!).
(via Lifehacker | more info)