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Polaris: A handy Google Analytics desktop widget

The folks behind the now-retired desktop Adobe AIR app – Analytics Reporting Suite – released a new Google Analytics tool in the form of a free (for tracking one site) desktop widget named Polaris.
This handy tool (Win / Mac / Linux) utilizes Google’s Analytics API to display your site’s analytics data right on your desktop, …

Choose the right font for the job with Font Picker

Ever tried to find the perfect font for a new logo, powerpoint presentation, website, or other project only to become frustrated/discouraged after rummaging through all your system’s fonts? If so, (third-party) Adobe AIR app – Font Picker – may just be the solution you’ve been waiting for.
This freeware app (AIR required) makes picking through fonts …

Access Google Analytics from your desktop

Update: This AIR app is no longer available. The same folks have created an alternative named Polaris.

Adobe AIR Marketplace app – Analytics Reporting Suite – brings convenient desktop access to your Google Analytics data.
Simply enter your account info and you’re good to go – quick, free, and easy.