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OnlineEducation explains what A Day in the Internet looks like

Created by Online Education

This infograph…well, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

Security First: A Short and Sweet Primer on Passwords

The more I talk to friends and family about “Web safety,” the more I realize that most people generally under estimate the importance of having a strong and somewhat abstract password (formula). For whatever reason (or perhaps due to the increase in family/friends chatter during the winter holiday season) now seems like as good a …

Great Comic: How a Web Design Goes Straight to…

If you haven’t stumbled across The Oatmeal before, it’s definitely worth a look. The site offers a mix of comics, quizzes, stories, and other eye-catching work. Comics such as How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell (the first section of which is posted above) and 20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer are both good …


The Layman’s Guide to Social Networking

2009 might technically be the Year of the Ox (at least according to the Chinese calendar), but in all actuality, it was the Year of the Social Network. Over the past 11 months, the three most popular social networks (here in the States) – Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – have all risen to meteoric heights.

ID and block hotlinks in WordPress with PictPocket

If you have a blog/site with lots of images on it, chances are someone is hotlinking to them. What is hotlinking, you ask? Good question.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia:

Inline linking (also known as hotlinking, leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs and bandwidth theft) is the use of a linked object, often an image, from …

Google adds Sports calendars and more to Calendar app

Update: Google announced the new calendar options yesterday (9/2/09) afternoon on its Official Gmail Blog.

Not sure how old this is, but I just noticed a new link in Google Calendar – Sports calendars – for the 1st time.

When you click on the link you are greeted with a choice of ‘Holidays,’ ‘Sports,’ or ‘More’ …

How-To: Add dynamically scaling columns to your site

So, you’ve got a spiffy (say, WordPress-powered) website with great content and a generally satisfying layout. Only problem is, you can’t seem to get your side menu (and/or various other columns) to lineup vertically with your main content area. Happens to the best of us.

Having all the columns on be of equal length adds a …

Traveling across time zones? Use BA’s jet lag calculator

Ahh, travel. Is there anything better than leaving the status quo behind and heading off to a foreign land? For some, maybe. But for those of us who’ve been bitten by the travelbug, there really isn’t anything that compares to the feeling of an impending journey.

As wonderful as exploring distant lands can be, usually the …


Boilr Tweets Weekly Digest: 2009-07-19

How to Photograph a Sunset #
How to Understand Your Digital SLR #
VW Bluesport roadster lives?! #
DC, SF make list of top 10 riskiest driving cities #
Jaydiohead: The Encore released #
Redskins continue to beef up defense by drafting DE Jarmon #
Make Your Own Board Game @ #
Remove yourself from …


Boilr Tweets Weekly Digest: 2009-07-12

Move over Disney World, Costa Rica is the happiest place on Earth #
Get your iMouse on with JumiMouse #
Find Products In Stock Now at Local Stores with #
Woods and Obama to play golf…eventually #
July 11 is Free Slurpee Day #
Every second spent web-browsing generates 20 milligrams of CO2 #