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Droid Incredible by HTC appears on video, looks impressive

A quick video of the upcoming Droid Incredible by HTC in action, captured at the 99% Conference in NYC this past week, has just popped up online. The walk-through was given by a HTC employee and man does this thing fly. Even through this mediocre video the display looks fantastic and the responsiveness can only …

Thom Yorke / Atoms For Peace / Fox Theater / April 15, 2010

/ Atoms For Peace – Thom Yorke / Flea / Nigel Godrich / Mauro Refosco / Joey Waronker /[flv: 620 349]

When Thom Yorke announced that he was going to tour his solo album – The Eraser – with the same supergroup he had assembled in October 2009, I jumped at the chance to grab …

What if Saul Bass had done the intro to LOST?

An awesome faux Saul Bass intro to ABC’s LOST. I especially dig the overly simplified (yet entirely accurate) show synopsis sequence at the end.

[tks JW]


Set your DVR: LIFE premieres tonight on Discovery HD

LIFE – The highly anticipated follow-up series to the BBC / Discovery Channel’s groundbreaking original series, Planet Earth, premiere’s tonight at 8pm across most of Discovery’s HD networks.

According to the early reviews, the new 11 part series contains some of the most incredible video footage ever captured. Considering how amazing Planet Earth was, I …

All new Futurama episodes coming to Comedy Central in June

This new teaser/trailer has got me pretty excited for Futurama’s long overdue return to TV. The all new episodes are scheduled to begin airing on Comedy Central sometime this June.

Cartman learns the truth about the real Family Guy writers

Not sure how I missed / didn’t hear about this episode (part two of a two part series) when it first aired back in April 2009, but it’s a priceless jab by the South Park guys at the Family Guy folks.

“Danny Pocket” (aka Eric Cartman). Manatees. Idea Balls. Done and done.

The gift that keeps on giving: Santa’s Little Helper

Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays!

Curb Your Enthusiasm finally does “The Seinfeld Thing”

As just about everyone who doesn’t live under a rock knows, the 7th season Curb Your Enthusiasm finale featured a full-on Seinfeld reunion / alternative ending to the hit series. While maybe not the best “episode” of either show, the novelty of watching one more Seinfeld show unfold was thoroughly enjoyable in and of itself. …

New Something, Something, Something, Dark Side Trailer

[flv: 620 465]

A new Something, Something, Something, Dark Side trailer hit the Web earlier today. I caught wind of it via @StarWars, and couldn’t resist sharing it here. Star Wars. Family Guy. Empire Strikes Back. December 22, 2009.

Something, Something, Something Dark Side Family Guy Trailer

Originally scheduled to air on broadcast TV first, Family Guy’s second Star Wars parody – Something, Something, Something, Dark Side – is now set to hit store shelves (on DVD and Blu-ray) just in time for Xmas – Dec. 22, 2009. If it is anywhere near as good as the first episode – Blue Harvest …