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That Was (Windows) Easy (Transfer)

If you’ve ever owned a Windows PC, than you’ve almost certainly come to a point when your machine stops behaving properly. Maybe it’s cause of something you did (perhaps all of your apps are not completely legitimate, for example), or maybe it was just Windows being Windows.
In this particular instance, I am going to diagnose …

Star Wars: The Original (Papercraft) Trilogy

The entire original Star Wars trilogy presented in papercraft, in under 3 minutes. Well done.
(h/t @CapnWiley)

Shameless Promotion: Meet the Class of Twitter HQ

Now that some time has passed since this first went live, I felt the need to share it here. It’s just plain awesome.
Disclaimer: I work @ Twitter. The views shared on are my own, and not necessarily those of Twitter.


Super Mario Bros. Leftovers [video]

South Africa 2010: Every World Cup goal scored, so far

Retro remix: Super Mario Bros. – Classical Edition [video]

#USA v. #ENG #WorldCup game 1 (LEGO) recap [video]

LOST might be over, but all of the questions… not so much.

Regardless of whether you loved, hated, or stand somewhere in between with regards to the LOST series finale, no one can argue with the fact that ultimately, just about nothing was answered.

This CollegeHumor video does a wonderful job of rattling off nearly all of the questions most fans still have.
Fade to white…
(tks JS)


Star Wars: The Original Trilogy in 133 LEGO seconds

HTC Incredible features the best Android multi-touch yet?!

Now that we know the Nexus One will likely never end up on Big Red’s network, there’s really nothing to wait for…

OK. So, this video isn’t exactly new (AndroidCentral posted it about a week ago), but it’s still exciting and impressive. This is especially true for those of us looking to grab the best Android …