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PSA: Comcast goes wild, adds 47 NEW HD channels in SF

Attention San Francisco Comcast customers: Your favorite cable TV provider has just (well, yesterday if you want to be picky) flipped the switch on 75 new channels, including a whopping 47 NEW HD channels! Apparently the new plethora of high definition (and that other thing – standard def) channels is a result of the recent …

Something, Something, Something Dark Side Family Guy Trailer

Originally scheduled to air on broadcast TV first, Family Guy’s second Star Wars parody – Something, Something, Something, Dark Side – is now set to hit store shelves (on DVD and Blu-ray) just in time for Xmas – Dec. 22, 2009. If it is anywhere near as good as the first episode – Blue Harvest …

Fieri finds the ultimate dessert: Maple Bacon Donuts

Say hello to one of the most delicious (or disgusting, depending on your mood) goodies I’ve seen yet on Food Network’s hit series – Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: the Maple Bacon Donut. That’s right. Maple. Bacon. Donut. Mmmmmm. (For the record, they looked even better on TV).

Where does this incredible dessert come from and how …


WD TV: Pre-release 1.02.11 firmware now available

Update: WD has released 1.03.01

Western Digital has released its newest WD TV pre-release firmware – 1.02.11 – which includes the following fixes/additions/updates:

Prerelease 1.02.11 (includes all previously released updates)

Resolved Issues:

* Resolved issue where UI Language displayed as OFF when English is selected.
* Resolved UI issue where “ContainsWWW” shows …


Letterman and the money you could be saving w/ Geico

Promising New TV: FlashForward and Bored to Death

ABC’s FlashForward is pretty captivating, maybe not life-altering, but definitely got my attention last week. Think LOST meets Heroes meets Memento. Maybe I am just trying to compensate (for my future TV watching), knowing that the final season of LOST is just a few months out, but I definitely recommend giving FlashForward a go. Let’s …

PSA: Curb Your Enthusiasm returns TONIGHT!

Season 7 of HBO’s hit comedy, Curb Your Enthusiasm, returns to the cableways tonight! After much speculation that the season 6 finale in which Larry David becomes involved with Vivica Fox’s character would be the series’ last episode, the entire motley crew is back for another hilarious go. What the f*%^ Larry?!

In a shocking twist, Toadstool turns to a life of crime

[flv: 480 360]

WD TV Feedback Site: Suggest / vote on new features

Western Digital finally responded to an email I had sent a few weeks back re: an official WD TV forum, pointing me (and my fellow WD TV owners) to its official feedback site.

There are a few intriguing things about this UserVoice powered forum: 1. WD is showing that it is actually interested in what the …

WD TV: Pre-release 1.02.10 firmware now available

Western Digital has made available its latest WD TV pre-release firmware – 1.02.10 – which includes the following fixes/additions/updates:

Prerelease 1.02.10 (includes all previously released updates)

Fixed Items:

* Greek subtitles now render properly. Previously they rendered slowly, causing them to briefly flash on the screen.
* Korean subtitles now render …