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Smithsonian bringing entire collection to the Web

In an effort to keep museums relevant in an ever-increasing digital age, the renowned Smithsonian Institution announced (yesterday) plans to digitize its entire 137 million-object collection.  Not knowing how much it will cost or how long it will take, museum officials say they will prioritize which artifacts go digital first and add them to the …

Aurora borealis on your schedule

Discovery Channel has posted a cool (but brief) slideshow of aurora borealis images.  Having seen the Northern Lights once (in Maine), I can attest to its shear awesomeness. Thanks nature!

(via Discovery)

50 years of space exploration in the bag

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration officially hits the half-century mark on Tuesday, July 29 – celebrating 50 years of shooting stuff into orbit (among other notable achievements)!
(via Wired)

Free solar power estimates online

Own (or plan to buy) a home in California? Curious how much a solar energy system would be? Head on over to Sungevity, enter your home address, and within 24 hours you will receive an estimate customized for your home.

Through a combination of technologies, Sungevity is able to remotely and accurately determine the potential effectiveness …

Engage your brain’s deflector shields!

Chalk up another point for coffee! The BBC is reporting on a recent study performed at the University of North Dakota involving rabbits and coffee.
A vital barrier* between the brain and the main blood supply of rabbits fed a fat-rich diet was protected in those given a caffeine supplement.

*(The “blood brain barrier” is a filter …

Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday (02/20/2008)

According to NASA, “On Wednesday evening, February 20th, the full Moon over the Americas will turn a delightful shade of red and possibly turquoise, too. It’s a total lunar eclipse—the last one until Dec. 2010.”

The total (or maximum) eclipse will occur at 7:26 pm PST (10:26pm EST).

Lets get this (solar) party started!

California is one of, if not the most, environmentally progressive states in the Union. This is not about politics (well, at least this post isn’t), but more about being realistic and taking steps to help slow down (and eventually eliminate) the global warming problem.

A privately held, SF-based company, Cleantech America, is funding a new project …