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There and back again: Boilr returns (kinda)

I’ve not had the time, and if I’m going to be entirely honest, interest, in posting to my oldest blog. In fact, this is the first post of 2013.
To make the site more appealing to it’s ~75 daily average readers (drastically down from its peak of ~560 dailies in 2011) and to inspire myself …


The real truth about Wookies…

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Star Wars: The Phantom Adidas Originals Collection

Generally speaking, I’m not a big shoe person. I often forgo “style” for the sake of comfort, and tend to wear shoes until they are worn through. Nonetheless, after a friend informed me of a new series of Star Wars-themed Adidas Originals sneakers and apparel, I couldn’t help but share some of my favorite shoes …

The Obamas: Now available as Russian nesting dolls!?

What do you get when you cross the First Family, Sears, and traditional Russian dolls? No, its not a new international Sears trade agreement, but it’s close. It’s a 5 piece, 6″-tall Obama Family Nesting Doll set, that’s what! (Huh?!). For $48.00, you could be the proud owner of these Obama Matryoshka dolls, complete with …


8-Bit Oven Mitt: Now You’re Cooking With Power!

ThinkGeek never ceases to amaze me with its never-ending selection of novelty geekeries. Take this 8-bit oven mitt, for example…how rad is that?! Not since the original NES has 8-bit looked so good. For the somewhat absurd price of $24.99, you can get yourself an oven mitt just like Mario used to wear.


Food Lighting: Have your chandelier and eat it too

A designer in LA, YaYa Chou, constructed this delicious looking chandelier from “normal” gummy bears (i.e. they’ve not been treated with any preservatives), which she says could last some 10 years (under the right climate conditions, such as in LA). Measuring in at roughly four feet high by two feet wide, the mood food lighting …

Retro Gaming Furniture: The Pac-Man Chair

This fantastic furniture homage to the world’s favorite dot-eating, ghost-killing maze navigator – Pac-Man – brings back a lot of fun memories.
Add a bow to his head and, voila…Ms. Pac-Man Chair! Or, for those looking to go the extra mile, paint the thing green and, poof…Kermit (the Head) Chair!
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Woo Hoo! Congratulations SCU Law Class of 2009!

Victory! Congrats SCU LAW Class of 2009!

Get your (officially licensed) creativity on with Zazzle

First, there was CafePress – a do-it-yourself web shop which allows store “owners” to create custom goods and apparel. CP is mostly centered around maintaining an actual webfront, which, at the end of the day, is not for everyone.
Now, there is Zazzle (its def. not new, but I’ve never covered it here) – another …

Shirt of the Day: Flight of the Conchords Attendance

The old Shirt of the Day posts took some heat for centering around ridiculous CNN headline shirts-only. From now on, SotD will include any and all wonderful t-shirts floating around the Nets.
BustedTees’ Flight of the Conchords reference tee – Attendance – is the first installment in this newly expanded segment. Time for a band …