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Woo Hoo! Congratulations SCU Law Class of 2009!

Victory! Congrats SCU LAW Class of 2009!

End of an era: Robot, Esq. retires from practice

This coming Saturday (March 21, 2009) marks the end of an era: will officially be shut down (a.k.a. I don’t want to foot the bill for a separate domain any longer).
My first (and only) web comic (created over a 6 month span in 2007 during my first year of law school) followed the world’s …

Ticketmaster + Live Nation = The Devil

Update (Feb. 11, 2009): The AP is reporting that the Justice Dept. will indeed investigate the proposed merger to “see if the combined company would create an unfair monopoly in the ticket-selling business.”
And to think, as of last week I thought the (recently ended) slew of RIAA lawsuits against MP3-downloadin’ tweens were the worst thing …

Delaying the inevitable: DTV transition pushed back to June 12

Update: The FCC says it will still allow some stations to make the switch early, but that the it “reserve[s] the right to deny those requests if we find that it would not serve the public interest or if it would frustrate Congress’ goal of giving consumers adequate time to prepare.”

Ah Congress.  How I loathe …

A better way to go hands-free

This summer, California will be following on the heels of a number of other States/DC which have made using a cellphone while driving illegal. The “Hands-Free Law” goes into effect on July 1, 2008 (more info here).
In a nutshell, motorists over 18 will be required to use some sort of hands-free device (be it …

Smartphones – what a novel idea!?

This past Tuesday, the USPTO issued a patent for a “Mobile entertainment and communication device.”

As a student of intellectual property (disclaimer: I’ve yet to take a proper course in Patents), this new patent seems extremely suspect. One of the fundamental elements in obtaining a patent is that the invention be novel.
Through the strenuous process …

Not so scrabulous any more is reporting (via Fortune) that Hasbro, manufacturer of the classic board game Scrabble, is taking action against one of Facebook’s most popular and successful add-on applications, Scrabulous.

I might only be halfway through law school (and therefore none of what I say should be taken as actual legal advice), but I knew this day would …