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iApps: Become a Pinball Wizard with Wild West Pinball

Own an iPod touch / iPhone? Like pinball? Then do yourself a favor and download Wild West Pinball. This is one of those games that really shines on the iDevice platform. It feels just like a pinball machine (well, as close to one as possible given the device) and is incredibly addictive.

Unlike a lot …

The Beatles: Digitally reimagined in new Rock Band

[flv: 480 270]
[via The Beatles: Rock Band]

BREAKING: Nintendo unexpectedly launches Wii HD!

In light of the fact that the Wii supply chain has finally caught up with demand some 2.5 years after it was first launched, Nintendo has decided that now is as good a time as any to take the wraps off its next-gen console – Wii HD!

Not only will this be the first high definition …

Super Mario Bros. 3 pushpin mosaic coffee table, complete with pipe legs

There’s a simple rule of life that most every (respectable) person follows – give credit, where credit is due. In this case, credit is due to the blogger behind The Artist and The Ego for this fantastic (and nostalgic) pushpin mosaic Super Mario Bros. 3 coffee table.

Not only did he create a wonderful, diy Super …

Wiiview: Enjoy an endless winter with Shaun White Snowboarding

Call up your fav bro-brahs and stock up on some Code Red Mountain Dew cause you’ve got some serious riding to do!

Uh…just kidding. But seriously, Shaun White Snowboarding for Wii is actually really fun. As usual with Wii games don’t expect much by way of the graphics, but in terms of playability, novelty, and …

Tetris to the (post-traumatic stress disorder) rescue!

Psychologists from Oxford University found that playing Tetris shortly after a trauma helped erase bad memories and reduced distressing flashbacks.
After waiting for 30 minutes, 20 of the [40] volunteers played “Tetris” for 10 minutes while the other half did nothing. Those who had played the computer game experienced significantly fewer flashbacks over the next week.
Researchers …

Just what the Doctor ordered

Dr. Mario offers free, prescription-strength procrastination

Sit back, relax, and enjoy…

Now that this eight four two year long election has come to a wonderful and historic conclusion, we can finally sit back, relax and enjoy our hard-fought victory…

…with election-related video games!

Celebrate our President-elect with Super Obama World
Never forget everyone’s favorite Alaska governor with AIRMILF
Relive the campaign battle with Presidential Street Fight 2008

(via Download Squad)

Meatspace Mario Kart

ThinkGeek never ceases to amaze with its endless supply of randomly awesome crap stuff; the Mario Kart Slot Car Racing Set is a prime example.
How [email protected]$$ is this thing?  Mario and Wario going head-to-head in 1:43 scale, racing around 20+ feet of twisting track!
Unfortunately… meatspace Mario Kart doesn’t come cheap – $79.99.

iApps: Lightsaber Unleashed strikes back

Original app store hit – PhoneSaber – has been relaunched as – Lightsaber Unleashed – an official (free) app developed by TheMacBox with support from Lucasfilm in promotion of The Force Unleashed.
You don’t know the power of the dark side…