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Happy Thanks-eating!

El Zocalo does pupusas right

I can’t say I’ve ever had an urge for El Salvadorian food…until last Saturday.  A friend  suggested we head over to Bernal Heights to have dinner at El Zocalo.

1 hour and 2.5 amazing pupusas (with rice and beans) later, I had been converted.  El Zocalo offers delicious traditional El Salvadorian and Mexican food at very …

Burma Superstar > B Star

Looking forward to a delicious meal at Burma Superstar is always bittersweet – while the food may be really tasty, arriving any time after 5:30pm (F-Sun) almost always means waiting an hr+ to be seated.

Such was the case this evening.  However this time, a new sign marked the doorway – 1.5 blocks away was another …


What’s in season?

If you’ve ever wondered what kinds of local foods are currently in season (anywhere in the U.S.), Epicurious has an interactive Seasonal Ingredient Map to help you out.

Eating local, seasonal foods is better for the environment and makes for better eats.

(via Lifehacker)

Coming to America: the BeerTender!

A joint venture between Euro powerhouses Heineken and Krups, the BeerTender is finally on its way to the States!

Heineken made the announcement 2 days ago at the International CES in Las Vegas.

Scheduled to arrive at Williams-Sonoma stores on March 1, with a wider release on April 1, the BeerTender is almost assuredly going to be …

Ristorante Milano

Last night, we ate at one of the highest (Yelp) rated Italian restaurants in San Francisco, Ristorante Milano.

Located in Nob Hill, this surprisingly little joint served up some of the best Italian cuisine I’ve had in SF.

Starting with our appetizers (Caprese salad and mixed Bruschetta), continuing through our entrees (a variety of pasta dishes and …


Wunder Brewing Co. – 1st impression

Its been 3 months since Eldo’s closed and finally a new micro-brewery has opened in the same space. Wunder Brewing Company opened on July 5, 2007. The Wunder Brewing Company originally started in 1898 and disappeared for the most part after the 1906 earthquake.

On only the second day of business, Wunder is heading …

A wonderful, magical animal

It’s funny…for someone who doesn’t eat breakfast on a regular basis, I sure love breakfast foods!

A few weeks ago I was out in the Mission looking for somewhere to have brunch/lunch. We ended up choosing the Pork Store Cafe, on a whim. This place, while maybe not the best ever, definitely knows how to …