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There will be no one to stop us (from eating sushi) this time!

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the single best episode of the Star Wars saga – The Empire Strikes Back. It also marks 33 years of genius licensing agreements by Lucasfilm Ltd. and company. Without such foresight, the world would never have seen something as amazing as these Star Wars Chop Sabers.
Available in Yoda …

The Freshest and Best Guinness Draught in the World

Today, while on assignment in Dublin, Ireland, I had a chance to visit the world famous Guinness Storehouse – home of the freshest and best Guinness draught (aka draft, for my fellow Yanks) in the world! I can sum up my experience in one word – DELICIOUS! (more pics after the jump)


Fieri finds the ultimate dessert: Maple Bacon Donuts

Say hello to one of the most delicious (or disgusting, depending on your mood) goodies I’ve seen yet on Food Network’s hit series – Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: the Maple Bacon Donut. That’s right. Maple. Bacon. Donut. Mmmmmm. (For the record, they looked even better on TV).
Where does this incredible dessert come from and how …


Food Lighting: Have your chandelier and eat it too

A designer in LA, YaYa Chou, constructed this delicious looking chandelier from “normal” gummy bears (i.e. they’ve not been treated with any preservatives), which she says could last some 10 years (under the right climate conditions, such as in LA). Measuring in at roughly four feet high by two feet wide, the mood food lighting …

Best of the Bay: Little Lucca Specialty Sandwich Shop

I’ve been meaning to write this review since the first time I had the extraordinary pleasure to taste the delicious sandwich offerings @ Little Lucca in South San Francisco over two years ago. (Thanks CD)
Now that I’ve had a chance to sample a few different varieties from this delicious hole-in-the-wall, I can honestly say that …

Want some fresh cracked R2-Pepper on that salad?

Good ol’ Japan – home to many of the world’s preeminent digital technologies…and this officially licensed R2-D2 peppermill.
According to the product page:
[W]e’ve managed to pilfer a few hundred R2-D2 pepper mills from eateries all over Tatooine for your spice grinding pleasure. Simply twist R2’s head and he deposits pepper onto your food. Hey, it’s …

Death Star: Now with more delicious storage space

That’s no moon…It’s a cookie jar!’s Exclusive Death Star Cookie Jar is easily the coolest cookie jar jar binks anywhere this side of Naboo.
The exclusive Death Star cookie jar is built to hold an Imperial army of your favorite cookies…[It’s] Sculpted from polyresin with great detail and features four sturdy feet to keep your …

Add a little more Star Wars to your diet…

Pardon me droid, can you please pass a piece of that delectable Darth Vader toast over this way? Oh, and how about sending the R2-D2 soy sauce while you’re at it?
Until Lucas gets his act together and opens a real Mos Eisley Cantina, these novel Star Wars kitchen gadgets are all we’ve got.

Happy 209th birthday, metric system!

According to the all-knowing interwebs (here and here), the metric system was first adopted by France on December 10, 1799.  Fast forward 209 years.  There are only 3 countries left in the entire world who have not adopted what is now known as the International System of Units –  Burma, Liberia, and…the good ol’ US …

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Great news – hash browns for everyone!