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Keeping tabs on President 2.0

With just about 2 months left until President-elect Barack Obama gets sworn in as the 44th President of the USA, there is no shortage of Barack-news.  If you are looking for a quick and easy way (or alt. to previously mentioned iApp Obama ’08) to keep tabs on our technology-centric President-to-be, check out ObamaFox – …

Counting down the seconds

Brighten up your day with a glance @ the Countdown to January 20, 2009

South Park celebrates the election

About Last Night… captures the true spirit of the 2008 Presidential Election. What better place to turn to, but America’s favorite small town to get a real sense of what Obama’s historic victory means to people across the country.

Return of the President

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Sit back, relax, and enjoy…

Now that this eight four two year long election has come to a wonderful and historic conclusion, we can finally sit back, relax and enjoy our hard-fought victory…

…with election-related video games!

Celebrate our President-elect with Super Obama World
Never forget everyone’s favorite Alaska governor with AIRMILF
Relive the campaign battle with Presidential Street Fight 2008

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Bending the arc of HISTORY!

Hope + Progress + Change = YES WE DID!!!

Let’s make HISTORY!


This ain’t over yet…

With less than 2 days remaining before the 2008 Election finally unfolds, it is incredibly stupendously fantastically importantly critical that no Obama supporters take any votes, especially their own, for granted!

Now is the time for everyone to do our part, encourage our friends and family to actively participate, and make sure our collective voice is …

Colbert: Be a Maverick, endorse Obama

The Hot Lady and the Tiger Woods Guy