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Urgent firmware update available for select Studio XPS 435MT Seagate hard drives

Dell released an urgent firmware update today for select Studio XPS 435MT Seagate hard drives (500GB / 750GB / 1TB). The urgent update is described as:
The DE13 firmware corrects potential hang on power up. Drive will appear not accessible after hang.

Dell highly recommends applying this update as soon as possible. The update contains changes to …

Update: Studio XPS 435MT fan noise mitigated, but not gone

Update: BIOS 1.1.2 (which greatly reduces fan noise) is now available.

Since installing the latest BIOS update (1.0.12) two weeks ago, I’ve generally noticed a slight decrease in fan noise when putting the machine under stress. This is a good thing.

However, every now and then (including right now, as I write this), I find the case …

435MT: 1.0.12 BIOS update released, includes possible fan noise fix

Update: Installed new BIOS…seems slightly quieter under “heavy load” than before. How is your 435MT fan noise post-update?

Dell released a recommended BIOS update today – v.1.0.12 – for the Dell Studio XPS 435MT. After months of owners complaining about fan noise, the new BIOS may finally address this issue.

Version 1.0.12 includes the following fixes/enhancements:
1.Fan Control …

435MT: New 1.0.8 BIOS update available

Attention Dell Studio XPS 435MT owners: Dell released a recommended BIOS update on February 24, 2009 – v.1.0.8. It appears the new BIOS has been updated to “support XP downgrade” and also includes the following fixes/enhancements:
1.New Dell BIOS Splash Screen.
2.Change the error messages when no bootable devices in the system.
Installation instructions: Head on over to …

Get the most out of Dell tech support with Chat

If you own a Dell computer (with a valid warranty) and have ever used Dell’s technical support over the phone, you don’t need me to tell you that the experiences (i.e. the actual support) range from quick and helpful to completely lost in translation (as in, an enormously frustrating waste of time).

Fortunately, Dell introduced online …

Review: Dell Studio XPS 435MT gets the job done

Update: I’ve posted a new review of the Dell Studio XPS 435MT running Windows 7 Professional. For a review of the actual machine itself, please continue reading below.

Update: BIOS 1.1.2 (which greatly reduces fan noise) is now available.

After using my new Dell

Well, that was quick: Studio XPS tears through video encoding

Man, is this thing [email protected]$$!  I finally got a chance to put the Studio XPS 435MT through some “tests” last night…only to be astounded by the results.

While I am not a video editor per se, I do dable in video encoding/compression and some minor video cutting/stitching every now and then.  To see how my new …

Back to the Future: Upgrading to a Dell Studio XPS

It’s 2009, which means my trusty Dell Dimension 8300 desktop is now well over 5 years old (putting it somewhere along the lines of 70 in terms of computer years – think dog years times 2). As such, I’ve recently decided it was time to upgrade.
Without further ado, it’s time to introduce my …