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Love @ first sight: The MINI Speedster

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of BMW’s MINI automobiles. After living in San Francisco for the past five years, I’ve had to deal with my MINI-lust on a daily basis as they can literally be found driving and/or parked on just about every street here.

Well, my love affair with this killer go-kart …

Tough decision: Tesla Model S v. Aston Martin Rapide

Ok, so maybe its not fair (or appropriate) to compare an electric $50k 4-door sports sedan with a $200k 4-door super car…but hey, that’s what the Interwebs are for, right? The Tesla Model S (above) is expected to achieve 0-60mph in 5.5-6 seconds,1 while the Aston Martin Rapide (below) will supposedly reach the same milestone …

MythBusters serves up a rocket-induced short stack

Good things come to those who wait: Audi R8 Spider convertible delayed a year

Frankly, it really doesn’t matter at all when Audi finally releases its amazing R8 Spider convertible…just the fact that cars like this even exist is good enough for me (and the other multiple billions of people who will never be able to afford such a ride). Keep up the good work, OOOO.

[via MotorAuthority]

Blu-ray coming to a car near you, maybe

Mitsubishi Electric (a sibling of Mitsubishi Motors) has announced a single-DIN sized Blu-ray player for automobiles.  The unit is roughly 1/3 the size of a “normal” Blu-ray deck and will fit right in your dashboard. According to Tech On, “The new BD player is expected to be used in combination with Mitsubishi Electric’s car navigation …

Scion to sell Smart-killer Toyota iQ

MotorTrend is reporting that Toyota’s ‘mini’ car – iQ – will come to the US under its Scion brand.

As previously noted, the iQ is gunning directly for Smart’s ForTwo, and is expected to better its competition in both MPG and passenger capacity.  The iQ’s unique 3+1 configuration accommodates 3 adults and one small child while …

Future cars: BMW’s shape-shifting GINA

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There are concept cars, and then there are concept cars.  This past June, BMW unveiled arguably the most futuristic concept vehicle of all time – the GINA Light Visionary Model.

GINA – “Geometry and Functions in ‘N’ Adaptations” – is skinned …

Future cars: the MiniUV

Just in time for the upcoming Paris Motor Show, BMW’s Mini brand has released images of the MiniUV – officially referred to (for the time being) as the “Crossover Concept.”
Looks good so far…lets hope an all-electric version of this city-sized utility vehicle is in the pipelines.
(via Motor Authority)

Ferrari’s new California GT

Wow does this thing look [email protected]@$$!  Ferrari’s first (automatic folding) hard-top convertible – California GT –  will officially be unveiled in October @ the Paris Motor Show.

(via MotorAuthority)

Here Comes the Sun

Toyota recently announced that it will be adding solar equipment to its next-gen Prius (as well as reducing the vehicles weight to improve mpg).  The solar panels installed on the roof will aid in powering the hybrid’s air-conditioning system, of all things.

Now that’s just funny.

(via MarketWatch)