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Smart ForTwo Electric Drive: The ultimate urban ride?

I love Smart cars. Ever since studying abroad in Europe back in 2002, I’ve had a thing for ’em. And now that I’ve lived in a city for nearly 7 years, the thought of a real-world micro machine has become that much more enticing.
But is there anything better than a Smart car? Well, yeah. An …

Update: MINI Roadster Concept unveiled in Frankfurt

Power Up: Electric Audi R8 revealed as E-Tron concept

Audi has taken the wraps off its highly anticipated electric R8 concept, now known as E-Tron. The stunning electric vehicle concept is expected to compete head to head with the green luxury sports car offerings from the likes of Mercedes, Tesla, and Fisker.

MINI Roadster makes an unofficial early online debut

Set to debut alongside its Coupe Concept brother, the highly anticipated (@ least around here) MINI Roadster has appeared online in a leaked photo of what appears to be a show poster. The Roadster looks almost identical to the rendering posted a few months back.
According to Inside Line (which posted the leaked image):
The good news …

FCC reveals more about TomTom’s Car Kit for iThings

More good news on the TomTom GPS for iPod touch front. The FCC has been kind enough to reveal some more information about TomTom’s upcoming Car Kit. According the user manual submitted by TomTom, the Car Kit will include:
A built-in GPS receiver [that] enhances your iPhone’s GPS signal, ensuring the most reliable navigation, wherever …

MINI celebrates 50th anniversary w/ Coupe Concept

Yesterday, August 26, marked 50 years of MINI. In response to this historic milestone, the folks over @ MINI put together this rad little 2-seater, the MINI Coupe Concept (“CC”).
It’s based on the regular Cooper Hatchback but sports a lightweight aluminum roof to help lower its center of gravity. Strictly a two-seater, the low …

Aston Martin One-77: A supercar fit for James Bond

This amazing vehicle might not be named 007, but the styling and overall badness (not to mention the ~ £1.2 million price tag) of Aston Martin’s latest supercar – One-77 – definitely add up to a real-world Bond car. Only 77 of these 700hp handcrafted aluminum-clad beasts (with a top speed over 200mph) will ever …

American Car FAIL: GM and Chrysler had no style

It’s no wonder that American car manufacturer GM and (recently re-Americanized and then re-unAmercanized) Chrysler have hit rock bottom. All one has to do is look up (er, above this text) for evidence – Chevrolet HHR (left) | Chrysler PT Cruiser (right) – of their massive design and style failures.
I mean, if you are going …

Great looking VW (concept) might never be produced

Thanks financial crisis…for (potentially) killing off an awesome feat of automotive engineering thanks to your greedy/needy ways. Word is VW may scrap its awesome Concept BlueSport roadster (for now) due to the foreseeable difficulty of selling a niche vehicle in a down economy.
Introduced back in January @ the North American International Auto Show in …

Update: MINI Speedster becomes MINI Roadster?!

According to the French car publication, L’Automobile, MINI may be ready to reveal its enthusiast ragtop (previously known as the Speedster) – the Roadster – at the upcoming 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show this September.
Supposedly, the MINI Cooper Roadster will improve upon the standard Cabrio by dropping the rear seats, shedding some curb weight, and generally …