Instagram for Android: Take back your filtered squares

Love it or hate it, Instagram has made (gratuitous use of) filters the norm and changed how folks share mobile photos. For most of the app’s lifespan, Instagram was only available for iOS… until recently, when it finally became available for Android. Despite all the outcries from iOS fanboys enthusiasts, the recent addition of Android has certainly helped the app’s phenomenal growth, ultimately leading Fb to buy it for a cool $1B.

But we’re not hear to talk about trailing zeroes. Rather, I wanted to highlight the fact that Android users can use all the filters, tilt-shifting, and other effects that can be applied to these now ubiquitous square photos without being forced to upload images to Instagram’s (ahem, Fb’s) standalone (social) network.

How so? It’s really quite simple actually (as pictured above): Launch Instagram (which, initially, does require you to sign-up), click the camera icon, snap a photo, apply whatever effects you like, and then click the >> button. You should then see the ‘processing’ prompt followed by the standard sharing options. But now, instead of adding a caption, geo-tag, or uploading to Twitter, Tumblr or the other options, quit the app. Navigate over to the local photo storage on your device, aka Gallery, and you should find all your ‘grams safe and sound in the Instagram album, ready to be shared wherever you want. Done and done.

(h/t @nieto)